Friday, October 4, 2013

Breaking color

Art 1 has just finished up their color theory painting unit.  This year I decided to adjust the lesson requirements just a bit.  For reason I was hoping to get some better quality paintings in a fraction of the time.  I think I achieved my goal, at least for the most part.

This year after we made our color theory charts, and studied the color wheel and a variety of color schemes they then had to draw an image on a 12x18 paper.  They could do about anything as long as it wasn't logos, words or inappropriate.  They then had to find a creative way to divide the paper into 6 areas so that they could paint in 6 different color schemes.  The schemes that I required were; monochromatic, warm or cool, analogous, triadic, complimentary, and either split complimentary or double complimentary.  They then had to paint these color schemes using the 12 colors of the color wheel and mixing as many as they could.  Basically everytime they hit a line they had to change color or scheme.

I think overall they did a great job and I was really thrilled with some of the creative ways they divided up their picture.

Kaitlyn G.  Volleyball with a Chevron pattern

Mikayla R.  - butterfly broken up with a flower

Bree H. - Leopard broken with lines

Jaymon L. - Jack o lanterns in diagnol

Mykah W. - Each fish was a color scheme and her background was monochromatic

Alasia J. - Nautical in lines

Madisyn V. - flowers in squares

Bella J. - Sailboats in slants

Dylan B. - scissors in zigzag

Malary M. - Tom and Jerry in radial

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