Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mixed pics

So several weeks ago, when i was trying hard not to pull my hair out, I decided that Art 2 and Art 3 can no longer do the same projects, at least not at the same time.  It was getting way too confusing trying to figure out who was turning in their project early from one class and late from the other.  Not to mention trying to blog and post pictures and figure out where everything belonged.  I am just not young enough to do all of that anymore.  Or at least my brain is not young enough to handle that stress.  

So I started giving different projects to each class.  Now I still don't have a perfect system because then i gave both classes drawing projects at the same time and that was still somewhat confusing.  But that is another story and I never said i was perfect.

Well I decided to give the Art 2 class one of my favorite drawing projects, two pictures are woven into one picture but one is shaded in pencil and the other in colored pencil.  The only issue was that some of my students, due to new titles of classes, had already done that project so I had to also offer another option for those kids.  So I decided to offer a 4-1 picture.  They had to pick either an actor/actress or musician that has lots of different characters or styles.  They then divided their person into 4 quarters and had to recreate 4 signature characters or looks in each quarter.

Courtney M.  recreated Jim Carrey's Characters

Sydney Haus. recreated Anne Hathaway characters

KaSandra K.  wove the two versions of Cheshire Cat together

Kelsey C.  recreate Nikki Minage's famous looks

Kiana K. wove a cow and a barn together

Maggie H. wove together Jasmine and Aladdin

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