Monday, October 28, 2013

The Challenge is on...

Every year I am asked to name the "Artist of the Year" at the end of the year.  This is one of those tasks I dread.  Mostly because depending on the project every student has at least one or two amazing projects every year.  And then I really hate to choose when I have about 6 phenomenal artists and you can only pick one.

So this year I decided to let them fight it out themselves in a competition.  About once a month I will give out a "Challenge" project where they will be voted on by our staff and student body.  So it is kind of based on one of those competition shows where someone is eliminated, but we won't do the elimination.  Instead I am keeping points that will go all year long.  So if someone doesn't do well on one project they have a chance to redeem themselves on a later project.  In the end, the student with the highest total number of points will be my "Artist of the year."

For our first challenge we did a "Halloween Challenge."  I put everyone's name in a hat and I created a list of creatures they could create and only so many blanks under each creature.  So for instance, four people could create skeletons and five people could create frankensteins.  It just depended on the size of the class, and I am doing this with two different classes.  Next we drew names out of the hat and those people got to sign up for what monster they wanted to create.  So obviously you wanted your name drawn early because you had more to choose from.  Those towards the end kind of got stuck with what they had to use for inspiration.  The rest of this challenge was left fairly simple.  They could use any medium they wanted as long as their inspiration creature was the focus of the project, and they didn't copy and image from the internet.  Being the first challenge of the first year doing this, I didn't know what constraints I wanted to put on it, so I just didn't.  I will add more obstacles to future challenges.

But here are some of my best works.

Dylan E.  - Goblin

Hanna S.  - Scarecrow

Jozlynn P.  - Zombie

Kamber L.  - Mummy

KaSandra K. - Scarecrow

Kelsey C.  - Frankenstein

Maggie H.  - Jack o lantern

Mariah B.  - Dracula

Olivia M. - Werewolf

Sabrina L. - Skeleton

Sammy K.  - Werewolf
These are pretty good, but I am very excited about our next challenge "American Pride" which will be done in time for Veterns Day.

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  1. The kids are ghoulishly creative don't you think.