Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So Art 1 made small sculptures out of plaster of paris.  Where did you think I was going with this???

We start by cutting the top off of a pop can and cleaning it out.  Then I fill all of those little jars and then they peel off of the can the next day and start sculpting their little images.  Before they start the sculpt we talk about how to see an image and how to bring it out of the shape.  I talk about having many plans since the first one will probably not work.

Lion by Malary M.

Teacup by Morgan B.

Duck by Yeva S.

Mouse by Karima H.

Elephant by Alasia J.

Oscar the Grouch by Emily H.
Sorry these are blurry.  I guess I should have checked them better before I posted this.

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