Friday, December 19, 2014

Inspiration from the past

Well several weeks ago I asked my student teacher for a project idea for my Art 2 class.  Taylor was a former student of mine and remembered a project that she had done when she was in my 6th grade class.  She asked if we could do it with the advanced group since it was one of her favorites.  I said sure and so she researched and found out that the project is actually called Agamorph, I used to call it accordian art drawing.  Who knew that it had such an official name.

Anyways she introduced the lesson and here are what the students created.  Basically they had to do a drawing in black and white and the other had to be done in color.  Then they are cut into 1 inch strips and glued down in an alternating pattern and then folded into a paper fan, hence the title of acordian art drawing.

Emily H. did two trolls but the other was hard to see.

Maggie H. 

Yeva S.  - frozen

Yeva S.  Other side of frozen

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