Friday, December 19, 2014

Covering the ceiling

I have set a goal, before I retire I want to paint over all of the ceiling tiles in the building, or at least the hallways.  We have covered all of them in front of the main gym and along its side hallway and we have now started into the high school hallways.  Since I am only 15 years in, I think we might make it with another 17 years to go.  Yikes!

But here is the first round of tiles for the year.  This time I had several students that worked in pairs or they picked small tiles.  I will have another class tackling them in the spring.

Kelsey C. and Demi H.

Sydney Hag.

Hanna S.

Malary M.


  1. They are pretty. These photos are creative nothing I would of though about😁. I love it they look professional.

  2. These are really cool. I love all of them and i wouldn't be capable of doing those. The colors are very vibrant. Good attention getter.

  3. They are good looking and it might be something am into and its worth giving it a shot. I would love to do it. Paintng and drawing cool pics like these are amazing