Friday, December 19, 2014

Mixed up boxes

About a month ago I was looking for a project for my advanced class and I saw a picture on pinterest for a drawing that was broken up into several boxes and then a variety of mediums were used to finish in the image.

So I let them pick any picture of a person that they wanted to and I required that they divide the face into at least 12 squares.  They needed three squares to be done in black and white (so that could be pencil or charcoal), three squares in ink (pen, india or marker), three in color (colored pencils, marker, oil pastels, chalk) and three in collage/paint (so they could use magazines, glitter or paint).

For some this ended up being their favorite project, for others it was their nemesis.  And for me, it was one of the longest projects and I am glad I assigned it at the beginning of the quarter because it took them forever to finish.  Now I sound like one of the kids.

Demi H.

Sydney H.

Hanna S.

KaSandra K.

Marcelle W.

Sammy K.

Sydney Hau.

Yeva S.

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