Friday, February 28, 2014

This is a sticky situation

For Art 2 I decided to take a tip from Art at the Apex and I used the theme "Sticky/Messy."  That was basically all I told them.  They could make something or anything that is sticky/messy by drawing or painting something or actually doing a messy project.  This was one that was kind of fun because the kids were all over the page in what they used for mediums and ideas.  Some went with serious subjects and others just had fun getting messy.

Demi H. - Maple tree

Jaykob S. - paper mache ribs

Karly N. - Clay pancackes with mixed media syrup

Kelsey C. - Nail polish with pained glue

Maggie H. - paper bees

Meghan H. - Spray paint

Cut. It. Out.

First off, if you get my heading to this post, you are definitely a child of the 90s.

In Art 1 I like to try to expose my students to using as many mediums as I can.  So when it comes to using construction paper it can be difficult to find a high school level project.

We start by looking at the paper cutouts of Henri Matisse and Molas from Panama.  I know it sounds like these would be an odd combination, but that is one of the challenges for the students.  I try to get them to see how these two different things could be related.  We talk about how Matisse's cutouts were abstract and simplified versions of the objects that he was trying to show.  We then talk about how Molas were bright and colorful with lots of shapes and patterns and the occasional detail in an animal.  I also show them paper Molas and how they are created with layers.

This year I found the inspiration for this lesson on Pinterest.  I found this project had been done by Upper School Art blog ( ).
As far as I could tell they used about 6 sheets of construction paper and then cut out strategic spots to see through.  I liked how the project made the students think in terms of layers and how they would have to cut and edit to make things work.

My criteria was that they had to use at least 6 colors of paper (they could use more), you only would receive one extra sheet for mess ups (so take your time and think it through cause you can only screw up once), I needed to see at least some of every color, and it needed to be done neatly.  As far as pictures I told them that scenes would probably be easier to think in layers, but that they could do anything that they wanted.

 Here are our final projects.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

Yeva S.

Bree H.

Brooke K.

Jacob H.

Morgan B.

Adan M.

Carter H.

Madison S.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mixing up the media

Art 1 did a quick study of Van Gogh and Munch last week and then started their latest project.  For our quick study I actually made a word search (which I usually hate and think are a waste of time) but this time I covered up the words that they had to find and turned them into questions that they had to answer.  I also put a hidden message into the puzzle and then offered a treat when they finished the assignment.  The treat was probably the bigger motivator.

We also did a quick discussion of the two artists and how they were similar in style but we also pointed out some of their differences.  I then introduced our chalk painting project.

They were asked to pick either a landscape or a cityscape and from there they did a quick sketch on the final paper.  Then I did a quick demo about how to dip the chalk into the paint and apply both on paper so that they make new and interesting color combinations.  I limited what paints they could use, one to use up some old stuff and two, because otherwise they look for the paint to do the work then the chalk to bring the colors to life.

Carter H.

Morgan H.

Jacob H.

Brooke K.

Paige Q.

Regan A.

Mikayla R.

Malary M.

Madison S.
Some of these look better in photos then in real life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting to the point of it

Last week Art 1 learned about Georges Seurat and his fun style called pointillism.  In the past I had a project where they had to use paper punches and created a small picture using construction paper. punch the dotsl

Since we have destroyed almost all of the paper punches in the building, I decided that this year we needed to do it differently.  So this year I gave them several options of how to achieve pointillism.  I still gave the option of paper punches, but I also suggested melted crayons, paint, toothpicks, basically anything they wanted but it had to be smaller than a pencil eraser.   Most went with paint and applied it with the end of a paintbrush or destroyed one of their pencils, but a couple of people went outside of the box.

Ali R. with melted crayon

Emily H. 

Alasia J.

Jacob H.

Malary M.

Bree H.

Yeva S.

Carter H. with sharpie marker

Alex G.

Mikayla R.

Paige Q.

Bridget B.

Regan A.

Aleah B.

Riley H.

Karima H.

Mykah W.

Ben S.

Brooke K.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Finding a dream with texture

For my Art 3 class, I assigned them the theme of Surrealism with texture.  At first they were very concerned and didn't know what to do, but then they started to settle into the project and started coming up with some ideas.
  So basically we started by talking about surrealism and how that is like a dream, an unusual dream, but still something plausible but not probable.  So I kept using the example of a mouse riding a horse, it is possible but not probable.

Then we talked about texture and actual vs implied.  I told them they could create a real texture or they could draw in a texture.

Jon C. 

Kamber L.

Marcelle W.

Olivia M.

Sabrina L.

Samantha K.

Spotlight on pets

For last weeks photography assignment, I had my classes photograph their pets or animals near them.  Below are some of my favorites.

Alex L.

Courtney M.

Hanna S.

Karly N.

Maggie H.

Kenzie R.
I love that they are getting better with finding the best picture.  I also liked some of the poses and expressions that they got from the animals.  I know Kenzie got a little too much light on the cat's eyes, but I think the picture is hilarious with the image on her computer screen.