Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Concentric circle magic

So I have been really excited to create art again with Junior High students.  This was one of my projects that I was so excited to bring back. It is called concentric circles.

To start this project, I have them work on practice paper.  We start by finding the center of the paper with a dot and then they have to use a compass and make about 12 circles that come out from that center point and get bigger and bigger, hence the name concentric circles.  After, they make all of these circles they then put perpendicular lines through the center dot.  Then then add an "x" over that so that the circles have been divided into 8 equal or fairly equal parts.  I should have pointed out that this all needs to be done very lightly because you will be erasing most of it.

Once all of the circles and lines are done, you use this as a grid/measuring system.  Now you are going to start creating patterns that cut into the circles.  So you might start at the outer circle and use a ruler to make a line to the third circle where it meets the next line over.  Then you would repeat that or switch directions, basically the possibilities are endless.  It is just a matter of keeping things symmetrical and/or in patterns.

After you have created shapes in the circles, you erase the extra parts that you don't want and then you add patterns in sharpie.  

Andrew C.

Leysa S.

Sidney B.

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