Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spin the color wheel

I am trying to redo my Art 1 curriculum this year.  I don't know why, but I was bored with the way I was teaching things, and who else has to make constant changes but an art teacher.  We are just never satisfied.  We are always reaching for perfection, which according to Dali is not possible, but we keep trying.

Well one of the things I am trying to redo is my color theory unit.  I used to do this huge project all in one, but this year I decided to simplify it and do several smaller projects.  I started with having them paint a basic color wheel and then they had to divide it up into a unique design.  I gave them two ways to do it.  The first was they could fold manila paper into a snowflake and then cut out designs, trace it on the back of their colorwheel and then cut it out with exacto knives.  The second way was to cut a design out of a triangle template, trace it 12 times on the back of their colorwheel and then cut it out.  Either way they had to mount it onto black construction paper.

Both ways had positive and negatives, but I like how most of them came out.

John S.

Taylor M.

Morgan L.

Riley R.

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