Monday, January 25, 2016

Let's try watercolor

Well let's try some watercolor.  I have said it before, but I see Art 1 as a chance to try all sorts of mediums and techniques.  So up next on our learning adventure is watercolor techniques.

We start by doing some different colored bubbles on a piece of paper so that they see what colors look like if they overlap with each other.  It is my version of a color table.  Basically it becomes their reference material.

Since you have to wait for watercolor to dry before you can do the next thing we also worked on these monochromatic cities.  We started with a wet on wet sky, and after that dried we added our skyscrapers, buildings, towers and roads.  We really try to focus on how things in the distance are lighter, and how they need to find the sides of the buildings by working with highlights and shadows of colors.  We also work with the fact that things that are closer to us are darker.

Jonah L.

Riley R.

Courtney A.

After we finish the bubbles and cities, we draw this boat scene together and fill it in with a variety of techniques.  We do a wet on wet for the sky, work with watercolor pencils and crayons for the boat, wet on dry and dry on dry for the hills, masking frisket/resist for the sailboats in the back, wet on dry for the water and salt for the front beach.  I would love to do the crinkle technique but I don't know where to put it into this project.

John S.

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