Friday, May 20, 2016

Large and Cropped

I know that large and cropped seems like a weird combination, but I saw this project (probably on pinterest, but I can't remember) where someone had drawn only half of an animal with the focus on the eye and face and I knew I had to assign it to my Art 2 class.

I let them pick any animal as long as they didn't copy anyone else.  I also let them have a choice of their medium.  I let them do it in either chalk or watercolor, but either way it had to be done on 18x24 paper.  I don't know why large paper freaks my students out, but in the end i really think that they liked this project and it will definitely by on my list for next year.

Austin L.

Devin W.

Drea B.

Hannah S.

Jena F.

Lexi B.

Nikole K.

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