Friday, May 20, 2016

What is your phobia?

I wanted to start the 4th quarter with a fun challenge where I put my Art 3 students up against the Art 2 students.  A few months ago the perfect project came to me while I was browsing on pinterest.  I came across a post about phobias and philias.  So in other words, fears and loves of things.  Just in case you didn't know.

Anyways,  I decided to let my Art 3 students pick the phobias and Art 2 pick the philias.  I loved the interpretation that they came up with for these fears.  I gave both classes two weeks to create their artwork and then I took photos of everything and I put it into a Google form which I then sent out to the whole school so that they could vote on their favorite.  I told those voting to pick which artist sold the concept better, the phobia or the philia.

Briana B. - Fear of the dark

Brooke A. - Fear of Heights

Carter H. - Fear of Insects

Courtney M. - Fear of Trees

Emily H. - Fear of the color yellow

Jacob K. - Fear of Being alone

Mikayla R. - Fear of Cats

Paige Q. - Fear of Sharks

Sarah C. - Fear of Peanut Butter stuck to the roof of your mouth
Watch for the next post where I show you the philias.

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