Friday, November 9, 2012

Clay Attack

So my stressful week is coming to a close.  I was so nervous last weekend as to how sixty clay projects would work this week and if we could get them all done.

  And then the boys football team decided to win their game and send us to the state tournament today which meant I was only going to get about 4 days to work on clay projects with some of my classes. 

And then of course some of the students needed to be gone for other workshops and classes and so needless to say I have been stressed this week!!!

But as of this morning majority are done, and a few of the football players have even come in this morning and finished their projects so I am hoping by the end of the morning (since we are getting out at noon for football) that they are all done.

They had two choices for this project.  They could either make a castle tower with details or a box with texture and a handle on the top.  I had about a 50/50 mix in projects which is what I love.

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