Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Silent words

After learning about Leonardo DaVinci and his famous hands that appear in most of his paintings I had my Art 1 students make words in sign language.  The words give us a chance to say something, but also learn to look and draw their hands at the same time.  Now for those of you who don't know sign language (and I only know my alphbet from doing this project every year) the students are supposed to embed 3-5 clues about their word in colored pencil.  Some of the clues are helpful and sometimes I don't even think anybody would be able to put those two words together, but lets see how you do with the following examples.

Mariah B.

Kamber L.

Ashley G.

Melissa C.

Sydney Hau.

Danica H.

Sydney Hag.

Alright how did you do on your sign language with clues. 
Mariah = roses
Kamber = panda
Ashley = royal
Melissa = crown
Sydney Hau.= Santa
Danica = Simba
Sydney Hag = hippo

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