Thursday, November 1, 2012

Metal Repousse

Mariah's bracelet
Following our Art History chapter on religious art we look at metal repousse techniques.  This is where we raise the metal to create low relief sculptures.  We talk about how lines and patterns can create the most interesting of textures.  We also talk about antiquing to help the metal look old, like it came from the middle ages.
KaSandra antiquing

Working on foil

More working on foil

They were allowed to create either a bracelet, book cover or sheild.  Here are the final works.

KaSandra's book cover

Kamber's book cover

Sydney Hau.'s bracelet

Brooke O.'s bracelet

Brady J.'s bracelet

Sydney Hag.'s shield

Phillip's shield

Tyler H.'s shield

Jon C.'s shield

Coutney's bracelet

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