Monday, April 25, 2016

Good old Oldenburg

Art 1 was introduced to Claes Oldenburg and his amazing giant sculptures of everyday items.  This is the only group project that I do during the year, and I try to put them into groups so that they don't necessarily work with their friends.  Of course, somehow my random system failed, but in the end the projects still worked well.

Each group had to create a paper mache sculpture from cardboard, wire, paint and paper.  To help them come up with some out of the box ideas, I had them take a couple of object/personality quizzes on  If you haven't gone to this site, I highly recommend it.  It is kind of addictive to see what type of items you get from answering a few questions on a quiz.  But after that I let them pick anything, and told them the only limitations were the size of my room.  I had a couple of them that went really big, and a few that were not so big, but still cute.

There is always one group that has to do a deadly weapon.  I don't know why.

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