Monday, April 7, 2014

It's a Circus in here

Like most teachers, I too have an extra duty.  I am also the Junior class advisor and last week was Prom week.  So needless to say, i am exhausted this week and trying to put everything back where it belongs.  I am not sure how we manage to loose so many things, but we do.

Anyways, this year the theme was "Under the Big Top."  It was meant to be a vintage circus from about the 20s.  We made our biggest change this year by getting rid of chairs and walking the entire floor with six stops. Overall it was a huge success.  I had more compliments this year than any other year.  So even though the kids complained I will be doing that from now on.

This is my son Myles testing out the cutout images.

The cannon and horse are both made out of cardboard.  The horse was over 10 feet high.

This is a tiger jumping through a hula hoop.

In the center of the gym was an elephant that was over 13 feet high.  We made all of these animals the day before.

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