Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Mask" the junk

Do you have junk in your house? In your Art room?  Maybe you have an incredibly clean lifestyle, but I am an art teacher and we are known as hoarders.  I try not to be, but even I have a large amount of junk that I saved.

For instance, while cleaning my house last summer I picked up everything that was broken or lost and threw it into a garbage bag, but not for the garbage.  No, I brought that garbage bag of junk to my classroom to use as inspiration.

I inspired my Art 3 class to create a recycled mask.  I pretty much let them use anything they could find in my classroom, including my bag of garbage.

I was pretty impressed by what they came up with.

Brandon S.

Jon C.

Kamber L.

Ryan S.

Sabrina L.

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