Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Op the Cube

Well from Pop art of the 1950s you can only go one place, but Op art of the 1960s.  I have art one look at some really fun op art images from Bridget Riley and a few others like that.  We then talk about how to create them and to even try to create your own.  I tell them from the get go that I will give them more points for attempting one of their own then copying something they found off of the internet.

I was really impressed with what I got.  I have them put it into a cubed pattern with 6 different sides.  I usually ask them to try to make one pattern circular, one squarish, one with triangles/diamonds, and one with just lines.  That gives them two more to just play with.  I know that usually these overlap but it gives them a place to start.

Sorry, I don't remember who these belong to.

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