Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Describe without saying the word

So I am going to date myself here a little bit, but I enjoyed watching the game show $25,000 pyramid.  Do you remember it?  People gave clues, but couldn't say the word that they were trying to get the other person to guess.  The board game taboo is pretty much the same thing.

Well what made me think of this?  During our inservice in November, the speaker had us all stand up and play that game.  She gave us five words and we had to give clues to another person so that they could guess the words.  I was really inspired by that to turn it into one of my challenge projects.  I wanted to see if students could describe a word with images and other words, but not the word that they were given.  So I put a whole bunch of words on my board and made them sign up for a word that they wanted to describe.  Then I let them use any images that they wanted to put it together.

Bree H. - "Dream"

Danica H. - "Soul"

Jacob K. - "Soar"

Mikayla R - Brave

Riley H. - "Grace"

Sydney H. - Tranquility

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