Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Cut it Out"

I felt like this title both fit our project and the new release of Fuller House.  I loved full house when I was a kid and I am excited to watch the series when I get a chance.  Since I am a teacher, that probably means June.

Anyways, the artists we were focusing on for this paper cut out unit are Henri Matisse and Jen Stark.  I am sure you all know who Matisse is, but if you haven't discovered Jen Stark yet, I highly recommend you check her out.  She does these amazing paper sculptures and there are a couple of really good Youtube videos about her and her style.

After my students watch a couple of videos about these artists, and we talk about them in class, I introduce our version of a cut paper art project.  I have the students find a landscape or cityscape image, and then find at least 6 colors in that image.  They then have to find 6 colors of construction paper that match their 6 colors.  After they get their papers, they have to draw a one inch border on each piece of paper.  All of the images that they are going cut out of the paper need to attach to the border in some way.  They are not supposed to cut out the shapes and then just glue them.  I want them to figure out how to hide attachment pieces and to also figure out which layers need to be in front of other layers to get the image that they want.  After all layers are cut, then they glue them together.

Here are a few of my favorites from this year.

Taelon J.

Sommer B.

Mary D.

John S.

Brock N.

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