Monday, March 21, 2016

O'Keefe the flowers coming

For the Art 1 chalk project we looked at the American Southwest artist Georgia O'Keefe.  I love the large, close up views of her flowers and I think it is the perfect project to do with chalk.  I think the chalk can also add a sense of softness that she has brought to her flowers.  It also spreads well and can cover a large area with little effort.

That being said, I (like most art teachers) have a love hate relationship with chalk.  I love what it can do, but I hate the mess that it leaves behind.  We make large 18x24 drawings, that are very beautiful, but leave behind a color bomb in my classroom.  It looks like we did our own color run in the art room.

Anyways,  here are a few on my favorites.  

Sommer B.

Morgan L.

Mercedes F.

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