Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lichtenstein fun

So this is the first of several big projects that I give my Art 1 students.  When I say big, I mean size, I give them 18x24 paper.  To my students this is a huge stretch.  Some of them can only work on paper that is 9x12 so this is pushing them outside of their comfort zone.

After looking at Lichtenstein, I ask the students what they think we are going to be doing for a project.  It is always amazing how by this time of year they can pretty much write the project based on what we have done with all of our other projects that follow artists styles.

They instantly knew that we would be working with a limited color scheme (black, white, red, yellow and blue), they saw we will be doing some sort of action sequence, and that it will need to be outlined or drawn in cartoon style.  Ding, Ding, Ding, they are correct.

The only thing they missed was how we were going to get the coloring done.  I actually bring out India Ink and calligraphy pens for all of the black and then I bring out markers for the other colors.  I also require that at some point in the picture they need to do dots or lines.

Marissa J.

Sidney H.

Riley R.

Jonah L.

Sommer B.

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