Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Photoshop fun

So what would you do if all your teacher told you was to make a mind-blowing photoshop project?  Well that was all I told them.  I wanted them to show me what they could do, or I wanted them to find a tutorial and learn a new photoshop technique that they didn't how to do before.  The other reason I was so vague was that I needed a short project that they could do at home.  Their ceiling tiles were taking so long and I needed a 6th project that they didn't necessarily need to do in my classroom.

I did learn that our computer graphics teacher is doing an amazing job of teaching them photoshop.  They gave me some great works and I think I will have to help them take it a step further in the future by doing more of these types of projects.

Brandon S.

Connor K.

Danica H.

Jacob G.

Jena F.

Tevin M.

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