Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colored Pencil Drawings

My High School Art 1 class has been working on using colored pencils to layer color.  They were given a stack of photographs from calendars and nature magazines (I personally love the pictures in Country magazine) and they were told to draw their image and then try to use colored pencils to create the image.  It took awhile to convince them that they could push pretty hard on the pencils and build up to darker colors. 

Did I mention I was mean and wouldn't let them use black colored pencils.  For some it was torcher not to have the easy way out.  But others rose up to the challenge and figured out that if you just put all of the colors together you can make a more interesting black then just a plain black colored pencil.

Overall this project went pretty quick.  They had about three days to make the 6x6 drawing.

Jozlynn P.

Kevin A.

Joslynne S.

Abby M.

Brooke B.

Sammy K.

Eli H.

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