Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Giant Paper Roses

Ok, so thanks to my friend Sarah I have found pinterest.  In someways I am being sarcastic, and in other ways I am truly grateful.  My husband would probably prefer I had never found the site, but I have found some great ideas on there. 

So today I am showing one of the really cool ideas that I have found.  The giant paper roses.  They are not going to be a class lesson, even though I will need to teach some kids how to make them, but they are going to be used for prom.  The theme this year is "Alice in Wonderland" and I am super excited about making these giant flowers that will go everywhere in and around the gym.  The process for this project was not that hard, but it is a little time consuming.  The pictures below show my attempts at using other materials than the expensive paper that they are asking for.  After all it is prom and they will be torn down and thrown away at the end of the night.  If I can make something work with what I can find around here, all the better.

Tissue Paper

Construction Paper

Copier paper

I think the copier paper is my favorite.  It is also the easiest to work with.  I just might have to buy a ream of red paper to make this work.  Because I wouldn't want to have to paint the roses red.  :)

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