Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Face of one color

Alexis A. "T.J"
  I teach an advanced art class every year, and each year the class rotates.  So this year it is Painting/Sculpture.  While my students are pretty good at painting landscapes they always seem to struggle with people.  So every year I like to make students either draw or paint people.  I know I am a mean teacher or at least they tell me I am.

For this year's people project, I not only wanted them to paint a person (either someone famous or someone they knew) but I wanted them to do it in a monochromatic color scheme.  They could either purchase a canvas to paint it on or they had to paint it on heavy tagboard. 

Some of them started by finding their picture and changing it into monochromatic colors in photoshop.  I then printed them off on the color printer so that they had a picture to reference.  They were told to think about what color would best suit their person.  If they were kind of dark or mysterious then go with more blues.  If they were bubbly or girlie, think pinks or yellows.  (However, yellow does not mix well with black, it was not our favorite color combonation.)
Some students then put their pictures into a grid, while a few chose to just free draw the face. 

Chris B. 
Overall I thought that the project worked out quite well.  Majority of the students picked famous people to paint, but a few tried to paint their friends.  Of course they felt horrible if the end result didn't look as well as they thought.  I guess there is something about not knowing your subject and that you don't have to worry about that person seeing the end result.

Olivia M. "Tebow"
More Monochromatic Face paintings can be found on my website.

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