Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eric Carle Creatures

The third graders looked at Eric Carle books.  We talked about the different ways he makes his shapes and characters out of paint and tissue paper and oil pastels. 

During the first class period we took tissue paper and modge podged it to paper.  We let the colors overlap and bleed together to create this really great colorful texture paper that makes great creatures.

During the next class, we talked about how the bodies and arms of his animals come from different colors of paper or different parts of the paper.  We talk about parts of the body that the creatures must have like heads, eyes, body and mouth.  We also make a list on the board of fun body parts that our creatures could have like wings, horns, teeth and claws.  We then discussed how to glue the pieces together and inhance the creature with oil pastels.  We used the oil pastels to add details like eyes and background objects like logs and leaves.  We also talked about where your creature might live.  If it is in water then glue it on blue paper and if it is in the desert then put it on brown.  However there were some that just put it on purple paper, because that is their favorite color.

I think that they have turned out really well especially for only using two class periods and me pushing them to focus and get it done.  Some choose to make an existing animal and some choose to make up their own.








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