Thursday, January 12, 2012

Modern Mona Lisa

My fourth graders are working with various artists this year.  So we start each new project out with some VTS (visual thinking stratagey), then we make something that is inspired by that artist.

So this time we studied Leonardo DaVinci.  We looked at Mona Lisa and we discussed some of the things about her.  The kids noticed her lack of eyebrows, her dark clothes, her hairstyle and how her eyes seem to follow you.  After we talked about her and Leonardo, I then told them all that they were going to be Leonardo and make their own 21st century Mona Lisas.  They were all given paper and a coloring sheet Mona Lisa to help break down the image to a more manageable level.  We then discussed if she lived today what would be different about her appearance.  Here are a few examples of what they thought she would like like today.



She just looks fabulous, doesn't she!!!

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