Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unique Birdhouses

I wanted my painting/sculpture class to creat a clay project.  Since afterall clay is a sculpture material it only made since.   So before Christmas break I told my Painting/Sculpture class that when we came back from break we were going to create ceramic birdhouses.  I of course had a few requirements.
1.  It had to be UNIQUE.  Something that you would never think of for a birdhouse.
2.  It did not have to be functioning, but it did have to be hollow and have a bway for the hypothetical bird to get into the non-functioning house.
3.  It needed to be about minimum of 8 inches.
4.  It needed to be made out of clay. 

With those being the only requirements here are some of the final results.  Overall they have been very creative.  Here are a few on the best examples that are done.  I will add a few more pictures when the rest get done.





 I am not sure you would be able to convince birds to live in some of these even if they were good sized.

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