Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tape and paint

A few years ago this project just came to me (or maybe I saw something that sparked inspiration, it's hard to remember that far back) and I decided to hide chameleons in paper shapes.  It was one of my favorite projects from the beginning and I still enjoy making it, or at least having the kids make it.

Anyways, this is a 5th grade project and we start about talking how some animals use color to hide themselves and I ask if they can think of any, and eventually someone says the Chameleon.  So we start with drawing our chameleons together and then we add a little bit of design so they are at least a little interesting and decorative.  The last thing that they add are a few lines to the background to divide up the paper and make it feel like they are hiding in something.  Then we cut tape down into skinny pieces and cover up all of our pencil lines.  This is the longes step and usually takes at least two class periods, longer if they talk alot or got line happy. Our last step is to paint over the taped chameleons with a variety of colors.  We use a painting technique called stippling and we also talk about how to mix the colors so that they look good together.  Not all colors mix well, some make mud if you put them together.

Of course since this is the year of the dragon and if you have read any of my other posts you know I have  a small obsession with dragons, I not only gave them the option of the chameleon, but I put up pictures of dragons.  Only a few took me up on the dragon concept, but they turned out pretty good.






Ok, so I hope I got the right names to the right projects.  Sorry if I didn't.

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