Friday, February 24, 2012

3rd Grade Owls

A year ago I was trying to find a project for my third grade class (this was before Pinterest) and I came across a picture of an owl by an artist Sapna Sapna.

Forest Owl Art Print
I thought that these owls were cute and had alot of potential for a third grade project.
So we talked about making a mixed media project using several different techniques.  First we start by making a stencil out of cardboard that they will use to stamp on leaves and flowers.  Then we make tree branches on paper so that they will have a stand for their owl. 
The following week we paint with our stamps onto the paper.  Since we use cardboard they have to stamp quickly and then throw them away.  After that we make the owls.  The last step is to attach the owl to the stamped paper after it dries.  Here are samples from my first class that is done.

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