Friday, February 3, 2012

Emphasis in Hearts

I found this short lesson on a blog that I am following.  I have started to follow too many, so I can't remember exactly which one and when I saw it, but I liked the idea.  Basically it is having the 5th graders understand how emphasis works in art.  So what we did is trace a heart any way they wanted at least 12 times on a piece of paper.  I then talked about warm and cool color schemes and had them pick one heart anywhere on their paper that had to be different from the rest.

Actually I was just more amazed at how many different heart patterns we got with the simple instructions of trace the heart on the paper 12 times. 





Ok so to get better at remember who did what art work I am writing down the names as I take the pictures.  Now as long as they don't get mixed up I hopefully will know who did what.

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