Thursday, February 16, 2012

Concentric Circles

I found the idea for this project on a website years ago.  So long ago that in fact I have no idea where.  And it took me forever to figure out what they meant by concentric circles.  Obviously I did not find the lesson on a blog where they could tell me what they meant.

Anyways, you start with a dot in the center and use the compass to make bigger and bigger circles around the dot, like a bullseye.  (If nothing else I hope I have helped someone else figure out what concentric circles are.)  After you make about 12 -14 circles then you add perpendicular lines going through the center dot.  Then you divide the circle with two more lines so you end up with a pie (pizza or apple).  I found the easiest way to make sure that those other perpendicular lines are the exact distance is to measure the disstance between the first set of lines and divide it in half.

After all of those confusing directions, the main purpose of these lines and circles is to get measuring points to connect.  So for instance then you would draw a line from circle one to circle 4 and just repeat that step for all 8 lines.  Again, I am sure that is as clear as mud.  I promise my kids get the concept, or at least eventually they do.  After you have created a variety of lines, then you need to fill those shapes with designs.  This year I have discovered zentangles and they helped us with this project.



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