Monday, February 13, 2012

Art 1 watercolor

Every year about this time my high school Art 1 class learns about Impressionism and I have found that the best project to teach about impressionism is watercolor.  Watercolor is all about color blending as is impressionism.

So as a group we start by making a watercolor boat scene together.

In this one picture we use about 8 different techniques.  It is like the catch all watercolor project.  Now this year they turned out better then ever before.and I think I need to credit that to the fact that it finally dawned on me to use the school's elmo tool.  We have had these elmo's (a projection tool where I can work on projects and the image is projected onto my promethean board) this allowed me to actually do the steps with the kids instead of just trying to explain the techniques.  So much easier.

After we made these boats together then I had them do a final project of their choosing.  In the past I had them do a full landscape scene, and they turned out okay, but this year I decided to make them focus their picture into one object.  I think they turned out better, even though some still practically did a full scene.




Mackenzie R.





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