Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4pt. Perspective Rooms

Several years ago I took a class from a local artist, Dick Termes.  He makes these amazing spheres known as Termespheres that involve a process that he calls 6pt. perspective.  What he does is paints scenes and images on these really large plastic spheres, but when they spin in front of you it is like you are standing in a room and it is spinning around you.  They are almost dizzying, but they are really cool.

Well I have always done the 6pt perspective with my Art 1 class, but this year I decided to do a long narrow 4pt project.  That means that if you wrap the one side of the project around to the other side they will match up and make you feel like you are in that room.  It is a hard concept for the students to initially grasp, but in the end they get the idea and some of the projects come out pretty neat.




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